Games With Secular Society

When: Thursday, 18 May 2017, 12:00 PM to 1:30 PM
Where: Melbourne University-Medical Building Level 8-Rand Theatre

Need some rest from all the tough assignments and exams? For the last event of this semester, we will be playing ‘Cards Against Humanity’ and several other games together that will definitely be very fun! There will be snacks and drinks available during the event and you are welcome to bring your own lunch.

So come with your friends and have some fun!


Animal Ethics in Religion



when: Thursday, May 11 at 12 PM – 1:30 PM

where: University of Melbourne Medical Building level 8 – Rand Theatre

This presentation seeks to detail and analyze the reasoning, as well as the relative validity, behind different religions’ approaches to animal ethics.

There will also be homemade vegan cookies for everyone!

Link to the Facebook event:

Movie Time with Secular Society


When: Thursday, 4 May 2017, 12 PM – 1:30 PM

Where: Medical Building – Rand Theatre

Need some time to chill from all the difficult assignments? Or do you want to meet new people and make some friends? Then come on down to our event, Movie Time with Secular Society! We’ll be screening films that you’ll enjoy and eat some delicious snacks.

Link to Facebook Event:

Secularism in South East Asia

Before their independence, many South East (SE) Asian countries were under European colonial rule, e.g. Dutch, British Empire, and Portuguese, and during that period many western ideologies were transferred and then fused with the local eastern culture. The rise of secularism in SE Asia might have come from western colonialism or an effect of modern globalization, but nonetheless, secularism is an important step for SE Asia to become a tolerant and multicultural country. In this presentation, we will briefly discuss the emergence of SE Asia countries after WW2, the rise of militant communism and how it might affect their concept of secularism, and to understand the complex relationship between politics and religion in the modern era.

Everyone is invited to this event and encouraged to voice out their opinion and discuss it with friends.

  • when: April 27, 12 PM – 1:45 PM
  • where: Medical-N817 (Rand Theatre)

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Secular Society AGM 2017

Fellow Secularists,

In week 6 we will be holding our Annual General Meeting, the single most important event of the year in which we review the club’s performance over the past year and elect a new committee.

Details for the AGM are as follows:
Free pizza!

  • Time: 12:15pm on Thursday 6th April
  • Place: Joe Napolitano Rooms (A), Union House

Attend The Event Online!

AGM Agenda
Committee Positions

The agenda for the meeting is attached to this email. We need to reach quorum of 20 people in order to stay affiliated with the student union, so we really appreciate everyone able to take the time to come along. We also encourage anyone who may be interested to consider nominating themselves for a position on the new committee. The positions available can be seen in the attached document. Don’t worry if you don’t have experience with clubs – we are keen to have anyone on board who is enthusiastic about helping the club! Reminder: Free pizza!

If you have any questions please feel free to reply to this email, or message the committee on the facebook group.

See you at the AGM!

UMSS committee

Whose Liberty Matters? Faith, Politics & Human Rights

A discussion-based event jointly presented by the Melbourne University Christian Union & the University of Melbourne Secular Society.

Do certain rights trump others? Can a balance be created between religious and secular freedoms? Come along for an interactive event looking at different questions of liberty within society, particularly considering the place religious freedoms have within our civil society. James Fodor, Rosemary Reilly and Moshe Jasper will kick us off with some preliminary remarks on a few key questions, before opening the event up for general discussion. All welcome!

  • when: Thursday 30th March, 1300  – 1400
  • where: Alan Gilbert 109 (Theatre 2)

Attend the event online

UMSS committee

Regressive Left, Alternative Right: The Place of Reason in Politics

New labels like ‘Regressive Left’ and ‘Alternative Right’, as well as old ones like ‘Liberal’, ‘Conservative’, ‘Socialist’, and ‘Fascist’ are bandied about a lot in today’s political discourse, but what do these terms really mean? In this discussion we will move beyond the slogans and name-calling to examine the diversity of political viewpoints in the contemporary world, and consider how we can pursue a more reasoned and evidence-based approach to political discussion.

Everyone is welcome to attend and discuss your own take on the topic and what you understand of them

  • when: 23rd March, 12:00–13:30
  • where: Medical-N817 (Rand Theatre)

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UMSS committee

Science and Religion: Is There a Conflict?

Join us this week as we discuss the longstanding issue of the relationship between science and religion. Are the two locked in perpetual conflict, or are they mutually independent spheres, each addressing separate issues? Can religion have any bearing on the conduct of science? Should scientific findings shape religious or spiritual beliefs (or lack thereof)? Head along for a friendly and engaging discussion!

  • when: Thursday 16th, 12:00–14:00
  • where: Medical-N817 (Rand Theatre)

Attend the Event Online

*EDIT The location for the even was originally Arts West 153 – Forum Theatre, but had been changed to Medical-N817 (Rand Theatre)

UMSS committee

Where Does Morality Come From?

In our event for week 2 we will be tackling the question of the foundations of morality. Do objective moral values exist? If so, where do they come from? What determines whether something is right or wrong? Do moral standards hold across time and cultures? What impact to these questions have on social and political action? Come along for some initial remarks on these matters followed by a moderated discussion. People from all backgrounds and beliefs are welcome.

We will also be providing free pizza!

  • when: 9 March at 12:00–13:30
  • where: Arts West North Wing-153 (Forum Theatre)

Attend The Event Online

*Amendment, the location has been changed due to Venue Booking deciding that we need to change our venue.


UMSS committee