Event archive

2014: Semester two

2014: Semester one

2013: Semester two

  • week 1: An atheist at Christian Camp
  • week 2: Trivia night
  • week 3: Is it so? Belief and evidence in an uncertain world, and excursion to see Lawrence Krauss and William Lane Craig
  • week 4: Good without God — ethics and cultural relativism
  • week 5: Workshop — cold-reading and misdirection
  • week 6: Workshop — logical fallacies
  • week 7: Women in the freethought movement (Diversity Week panel) and film screening (The Man From Earth)
  • week 8: Effective altruism
  • week 9: Transhumanism — science and the future
  • week 10: Dialogue and disagreement (joint event with the Christian Union)
  • week 11: Young Australian Skeptics, science communication, and skeptical activism
  • week 12: Pub night

2013: Semester one

2012: Semester two

2012: Semester one


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