This Week: Evaluating Philosopher David Hume

At this event guest speaker Tom Larsen will discuss David Hume’s arguments against miracles. Beginning with outlining the historical context to Hume’s essay on miracles, Tom will discuss both Hume’s general and specific objections to identifying miracles, and provide a critical evaluation of these arguments, esp. drawing on some of the historical respondents to Hume (Adams, Campbell, Douglas, Leland, Paley) as well as some contemporary respondents. Questions and discussions will follow the main presentation. People of all worldviews are welcome.

Attend the event online:

About our speaker:
Tom Larsen is a past vice-president of Christian Union at Monash University. He is particularly interested in the intersection of computer science, psychology, and education, using software to optimise human learning, the history and philosophy of science, and historical works on the evidences of Christianity. He has participated in public debates on the evidences of Christianity at the University of Melbourne and Monash University.

  • when: Tuesday 4th, 1200-1400
  • where: Redmond Barry-625

UMSS committee


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