What is Faith?

at 12:00–14:00
about 5 months ago
So, the Enlightenment happened. We’ve realised the importance of critical thought and rationality, and applied it to grow a civilisation that is increasing in technological power, reasoned discourse, humanitarian efforts… all for a better value of life. Some would say we know more and can do more, but what tools do we have to effectively, purposefully, and joyfully live out what we know? What language do we have to articulate concepts like faith, identity, transcendence, emotional and intuitive experience – concepts that are part of being human – in a non-religious framework? Some even say that the religious are happier overall, when compared with atheists. Indeed, many atheists often wish they could return to religious belief. Uh, have we missed something?

This Tuesday, we invite you to join us for a pretty chill discussion about faith and religious ritual, and other things the secular world might’ve been too hasty in dismissing, led by our secretary, Steven Spratley.


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