Anti-Vaccination and Evidence Based Medicine, A Talk from Dr. Dave Hawkes

at 12:00–14:00
about 5 months ago
Vaccination has been contentious since it was first introduced. To try and go through the history of anti-vaccination would be impossible. However in Australia in the past five years there has been a seismic shift in how vaccination is discussed. One of the reasons for this change has been activities of those involved with the Facebook page Stop the Australian Vaccination Network.
Why has this group had such an influence? They are not a recognized organization, they have no funding, and many (if not most) have no medical or scientific qualifications. Where Stop the AVN have had success is by not only combating misinformation about vaccines but in also in combating the activities of the AVN as a business. Many people have spoken about how to change people’s anti-vaccination views but Stop the AVN is one of the first to go after the professional organizations that produce the information that leads people to making the decision to not vaccinate in the first place.

Join us and speaker Dr Dave Hawkes, a virologist and campaigner for evidence-based medicine.


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