Screening: God Loves Uganda

We are joining with Queers in Engineering, Science and Technology (QuEST) and MDQ (MD Queer) for a film night on a topic important to all of us. God Loves Uganda is a recent documentary exploring the rise of American fundamentalist evangelicalism in Uganda, in particular focusing on the links between this and the Ugandan anti-homosexuality bill. We hope this film, while potentially confronting, will be an insight into the links between queer rights and secularism and generate some interesting interclub dialogue and discussion.

We’re also hoping to foster friendships more generally between the clubs, so please stay around after the screening as we will be heading off to a nearby pub for some discussion and friend-making!

Due to the sensitive nature of topics involved, the committee will have a zero-tolerance approach to remarks that are considered by us or the committees of QuEST and MDQ to be homophobic, and we would ask that in the case of a genuine misunderstanding a simple apology be offered.

We will have free pizza and soft drinks during the screening.

  • when: Friday October 10, 6.30pm
  • where: Latham Theatre (ground floor Redmond Barry)

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