Is moral progress possible? Christian and Humanist perspectives

In this joint event between the Secular Society and the Christian Union, we will discuss the question of moral progress.

What do we mean by “moral progress”? Have we observed such progress over the course of history? Can there be a culturally-independent “objective” standard for moral progress? Are there limits on what can be achieved? Does technological or scientific advancement aid moral progress, or are the two unrelated? What role, if any, should religion play in the process? Is human nature fundamentally good or fundamentally evil, or something else, and does that matter?

These are among the questions we will consider in this panel discussion. Two Christians and two Humanists will present their perspectives on the question and engage in a moderated discussion. There will be plenty of time for questions from the audience, and an opportunity for continued informal discussion afterwards. Join us for what we hope will be a civil and enlightening discussion.

  • when: Thursday August 28, 1-2pm
  • where: Richard Berry Building – Evan Williams Theatre

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