South Park screening with free pizza

This week, we will be screening a double episode of South Park, with free pizza for lunch! We will be screening the episodes “200” and “201” (season 14 episodes 5 and 6).

In “200”, Tom Cruise and all other celebrities who have been mocked by residents of South Park in the past plan to file a class action lawsuit against the town, but Cruise promises to end the lawsuit if the town can get the Muslim prophet Muhammad to meet him.

“201” is a continuation of “200” that was censored due to the depiction of the prophet Muhammad. “The censorship drew strong criticism against Comedy Central. Critics said the move was a significant public victory for Muslim extremists, and that the network’s move would encourage further threats from radical groups.”

  • when: Tuesday April 1, 12-1pm
  • where: Babel room 305 (Chisholm Theatrette)

If there is demand, we can also screen the episodes “Go God Go” and “Go God Go XII” from 1-2pm, but the main event is from 12-1pm.


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