BBQ and FSM mixer!

We have two events in week 2.

Thursday: Barbeque

Time to start getting value for your UMSS membership! We’ll be chilling at South Lawn on Thursday (March 13) from 12-2pm, with a barbeque that’s free for members! There will also be beer and soft drinks, and there will be veggie burgers in addition to the meat. If you want access to food, you can join the club at the BBQ.

Friday: Flying Spaghetti Monster mixer

Our annual start-of-year mixer/pub night. Join us on Friday (March 14) from 5pm at The Clyde Hotel (a short walk from the university). This is a great opportunity to hang out with like-minded people and make friends at the start of semester. New people are always welcome of course, and you are free to bring a friend along if you think they may be interested. First round of drinks is on us! (And some snacks.)


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