Information about week 2 events

Trivia night (start-of-semester social event)

We’re happy to bring you two events this week. Our start-of-semester social event is our third annual trivia night. This is a good opportunity to meet like-minded people, make new friends, and have fun! Trivia night is completely free, and it’s not necessary or expected that you pre-organise a team.

The event will be hosted by writer, comedian, and performance poet Ben Pobjie. Ben’s writing has appeared in The Age, The Guardian, and He has also published two books.

Trivia night will be held this Thursday August 8 at The Clyde Hotel, which is a short walk from the university. Arrive after 6.30pm for dinner and socialising. Team formation and questions will start at 8pm. Hope to see you there!

RSVP on Facebook.

Confidence, evidence, and knowledge

Also on Thursday, but at lunchtime, we will be co-hosting a discussion with the Christian Union. This event will focus on three questions:

  1. How can we be confident in our opinions when many intelligent people disagree?
  2. Is science the only way of knowing?
  3. What evidence would change your mind?

A speaker from both the CU and UMSS will speak briefly in response to one of the questions; then there will be time for the audience to gather in groups and discuss what was said, and how they would respond. The aim of this event is primarily to encourage dialogue and to be a starting point for further discussions.

Join us in Latham Theatre (ground floor Redmond Barry) on Thursday from 1-2pm.

RSVP on Facebook.

Week 3: Excursion to see Lawrence Krauss and William Lane Craig

On August 16 from 7pm, Lawrence Krauss and William Lane Craig will be discussing the topic, “Is it reasonable to believe there is a God?” at the Melbourne Town Hall.

Secular Society will be attending this event as an excursion, and we still have a number of heavily-discounted tickets available — we are selling tickets for $10 (full student price is $27). If you would like to join the excursion, please bring $10 in cash to either of our events this Thursday. Number of tickets is limited.


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