Lyn Allison: Introduction to Secularism

lyn-allison-photoSecular Society is pleased to announce that on Tuesday of week 2, former senator and former leader of the Australian Democrats, Lyn Allison, will be joining us to provide an introduction to secularism. This event is open to all university students and staff, and we especially recommend it for new students and members who are interested in the idea of secularism, but don’t know much about it or why it is important.

Lyn Allison represented Victoria in the Australian Senate from 1996-2008. She was leader of the Australian Democrats from 2004-2008. Lyn was named Australian Humanist of the Year by the Council of Australian Humanist Societies in 2008. She also spoke on a panel at the first Global Atheist Convention in 2010.

Join us on Tuesday March 12 at 12pm in Sidney Myer Asia Centre room 115 (up one floor from ground level and down the corridor).


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