Student discussion: Intelligent design

Creation Ministries is on campus this week. Here’s what they’re saying:

“Wonder whether there is really a God? What about dinosaurs? What about the evolution vs creation debate? Is the earth really billions of years old? What about the different races? Was there a global flood? How did Noah fit all the animals on the ark?”

Our student discussion this week is a response to this, so this is an important reminder that you should attend! Here’s our synopsis:

What is intelligent design? Its proponents claim it’s a secular hypothesis with some serious scientific weight behind it, while critics of intelligent design maintain it’s simply religious creationism minus God, rebranded for the American legal system, and isn’t a credible threat to mainstream evolutionary biology. Who is right? Join this week’s Devil’s Advocate discussion to find out…

The session will be held Wednesday August 8, at 1pm in Old Arts Theatre B. And feel free to forward these details onto anyone who may be interested in attending.


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