PZ Myers, Leslie Cannold, and Chris Stedman: The Road Less Travelled

Hot on the heels of the Global Atheist Convention, see some of the speakers at The University of Melbourne in a fringe event hosted by the Rationalist Society of Australia and the Humanist Society of Victoria. Featuring…

  • PZ Myers (atheist biologist from the USA, author of the blog Pharyngula)
  • Chris Stedman (Interfaith Coordinator Harvard Humanist Chaplaincy)
  • Leslie Cannold (Q&A panelist, resident ethicist for Channel 10’s The Project, author of The Abortion Myth and Book of Rachel)

…in, “The Road Less Travelled: can atheists and believers work together for the common good?”

Monday 16th April, 6.15pm
Elisabeth Murdoch Theatre A
+ after party with FOOD at Embiggen Books

Tickets only $12 for students and MUST be purchased online.

RSVP/Invite friends on Facebook.


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