Lyn Allison: The National School Chaplaincy Program

UPDATE: For those who attended the event and want some links to more information (or those who missed out and would like to know what’s going on), a bunch of links have been collated here.

For week 5, the University of Melbourne Secular Society is delighted to announce that former Senator and former leader of the Australian Democrats, Lyn Allison, will be joining us again for an update and discussion on the National School Chaplaincy Program. A year on from Lyn’s last visit, come along to find out what has happened with the program in the last year and what problems it still poses for our secular public education system.

Event details:
Date: Thursday, 31st March 2011
Time: 1 PM
Venue: Harold White Lecture Theatre, Arts Centre

If you haven’t renewed your UMSS membership yet then don’t fret, you can get your new shiny membership card by signing up at any event during the year. Renewing membership means you’re helping the society grow and gain access to bigger grants, which means more events, guests, free food and merch! Membership is only $1 for Union members and $2 for non-union!

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Hope to see you all at the event!


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