New Shirt-Like Merch!

Ok, they aren’t just shirt-like, they’re actual shirts!

(Click the image to see larger versions of the designs)

We have two shiny new UMSS shirt designs for sale!  Declare your secular status and make a statement at the same time with one of two awesome quotes.  Help spread the news that there is a Secular Society on campus and we have T-SHIRTS.  That’ll show ’em.

Only $20 each, sizes S-XL (S-M ladies, S-XL blokes).  We only have a small amount, so if you miss out (or we don’t have one in your size) let us know and we’ll make sure to order a shirt in your size and design at the next order!

While we don’t have hoodies for sale at the moment we might put an order later in the semester if there is enough interest.  Due to grant-size restraints unless we have people showing interest we are limited on how many we can order in, so if you’re interested, send an email through to or tell us at one of the weekly event!


One thought on “New Shirt-Like Merch!

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