Free public lecture: Brian Dunning and Rebecca Watson

The University of Melbourne Secular Society, in conjunction with the Victorian Skeptics, is pleased to announce a fantastic free public lecture on the 1st of December starring two of the skeptical movement’s biggest names: Brian Dunning and Rebecca Watson.

Brian Dunning is the creator, host and producer of Skeptoid, an extremely popular, weekly podcast that focuses on the critical examination of controversial popular phenomena, such as urban legends, alternative medicines, conspiracy theories and historical inaccuracies. With over 100,000 subscribers and over 200 episodes, Skeptoid has done a lot in furthering the reach of the skeptical movement and critical thinking in general.

Some UMSS members may know Brian from Here Be Dragons, his free short movie about critical thinking that was screened at a recent UMSS event on October 6th. If you didn’t make it, you certainly missed out.

Rebecca Watson is the founder of, a popular women’s blog on skepticism, and a panel member on the Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe along with Steven Novella, Jay Novella, Bob Novella and Evan Bernstein, one of the most well-known podcasts in the skeptical movement. The SGU, as it is more common known, has over 60,000 subscribers and has been running for over 5 years, garnering a large amount of respect in the community as a source of both timely and accurate news and entertaining discussion.


When: Wednesday, 1st December 2010, 6:30pm – 9:30pm (lectures starts at 7:30)

Where: Bridie O’Reilly’s, 29 Sydney Road, Brunswick, Australia

Meal deals for the night are currently being arranged. This event is free to attend; however there will be merchandise available to purchase on the night (and donations are certainly welcome).

You can also RSVP on Facebook.


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