UMSS Q&A – Genetic Mythbusting: Genes in the Environment

After a week-long break we are back with our regular UMSS events! Next Wednesday the 15th sees us hosting our next Q&A on Campus session on genes in the environment and genetic mythbusting led by Prof Ary Hoffmann.

Ary Hoffmann is a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science who received a Federation Fellowship in 2005 to conduct research at the University of Melbourne. His current research involves investigating new approaches to pest control and environmental maintenance in the face of climate change. He has co-authored three volumes on evolution under environmental stress and has contributed more than 310 papers in top scientific journals as well as numerous technical papers in industry journals.

In his Q&A on Campus, Ary Hoffman will be talking about genes in the environment, with a particular focus on busting popular myths about genetics.

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Wednesday, September 15th
Medley Theatre, Redmond Barry Building,
University of Melbourne


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