UMSS featured in new look Australian Rationalist journal

The Australian Rationalist, the journal of the Rationalist Society of Australia, has been publishing articles promoting rational thought for over 41 years.

For the latest edition, editor Kevin Childs invited Jason Ball, President of UMSS, to be the guest editor for a revamped edition, which includes a new-look design, a cover story on the rise of Gen Y freethinkers and contributions from several younger writers, including several UMSS members.

Also featured in this special edition is a piece on secular education by former High Court Justice Michael Kirby, and an interview with playwright and political activist Gore Vidal.

The journal is only $9.50 and is available to purchase from any Borders store, as well as a large number of newsagents across Australia.

We encourage you to go and pick up a copy today, and help support the Rationalist Society of Australia – who have been a huge sponsor and friend of UMSS over the years.

You might also like to consider joining the Rationalist Society, which is only $25 (conc.) and includes a one-year subscription to their journal.


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