UMSS Q&A – the need for euthanasia law reform

The overwhelming majority of Australians (85%) believe that terminally ill individuals should have a right to seek and obtain assistance to end their life with dignity.

However, the Attorney General Rob Hulls is steadfastly refusing to refer the matter of physician assisted dying for the terminally ill to the Victorian Law Reform Commission for community consultation.

UMSS are delighted to announce that Neil Francis, President and CEO of Dying With Dignity Victoria, will be joining us for ‘Q&A on Campus’ – the Secular Society’s weekly group discussion event.

Neil Francis – ‘The need for euthanasia law reform’
Thursday 27th May
Old Geology 1
University of Melbourne

RSVP and invite friends via Facebook

Who are the major players and pressure groups in this debate? Why is the government refusing to even let the debate be had? Is the right to die with dignity worth fighting for? These questions as well as your own will be up for discussion in what should be a fascinating conversation.


2 thoughts on “UMSS Q&A – the need for euthanasia law reform

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