Answers to Creationist Nonsense #2

Following on from last week’s “Answers to Creationist Nonsense” event with Dr James Bradley, this week UMSS are delighted to announce that Professor Robert Saint (Department of Genetics and Dean of Science at the University of Melbourne) will be joining us to give his response to the recent Creationist happenings on campus.

Professor Robert Saint

“Understanding evolution: Darwin, Mendel and beyond”
Wednesday 24th March
Chrisholm Theatrette, Level 3, Babel Building

RSVP and invite friends via Facebook.

As we’ve stated before, we know that a lot of you were as outraged as we were at the coordinated attack on science by Creationists happening on our very own campus – these events are our chance to strike back, not with political rhetoric, but by furthering the understanding of science and evolution by letting the facts be known.


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