UMSS Q&A – censorship

Ross Fitzgerald in “Whatever happened to secular democracy” (The Australian, 28/12/09) stated that “there is now an Australian political party prepared to challenge the pious claptrap that dominates most of the other parties.”

This new political party is of course the interestingly titled Australian Sex Party, led by Fiona Patten. UMSS are delighted to announce that Fiona will be joining us for our next Q&A on Campus – the Secular Society’s weekly group discussion event.

The discussion will focus mostly around censorship and the government’s ISP filter, which I’m sure you all know plenty about…

The Australian Sex Party’s policy interests are broadly related to civil liberties, and include the separation of church and state, the introduction of an R18 rating for video games, a national sex education curriculum, equal rights in all areas of the law for the GLBT community and the abolishment of sex slavery and sexual servitude.

Should make for an interesting discussion!

1:10-2:10pm, Monday 22nd of March
Chrisholm Theatrette, Level 3, Babel Building
University of Melbourne

RSVP and invite friends to attend via Facebook.


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