A chance to reform euthanasia laws

SGD Rally 2007

Many of those who oppose euthanasia do so for religious reasons. Such reasoning is morally repugnant; subjecting people to unimaginable agony and suffering just to prove a point about life being sacred. The time has come in Victoria for compassion to overrule immoral adherence to dogma.

Please consider becoming a member of Dying With Dignity Victoria. 

Become a “fan” of the organisation on Facebook.

Most importantly, please also consider attending their upcoming rally:

10am, Tuesday 21st of April 

Parliament House, Spring Street, Melbourne

RSVP and invite your friends along to the event on Facebook.

The rally will feature a number of high profile speakers, including:
– Reverend Dr Francis Macnab (St Michael’s Uniting Church)
– Leslie Cannold (Writer, Commentator, Ethicist)
– Lisa Fitzpatrick (Australian Nursing Federation)
– Lyn Allison (Australian Humanist of the Year 2008, former Democrats Senator)

Last year, the first ever Physician Assisted Dying bill was defeated in Victorian Parliament, despite the fact that 80% of Australians support the right for the terminally ill to seek and obtain medical assistance to end their life with dignity. 

This year, a second bill is being consulted on and your help is needed to pressure the state government to review and reform the existing Medical Treatment Act.

Let’s get together and fight for a more progressive Victoria.


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