The Young Australian Skeptics want YOU!


The team at Young Australian Skeptics are looking for enthusiastic young writers to contribute written content to their fantastic new website. This is a great way for young freethinking bloggers to gain exposure, and is also a vehicle for amateur bloggers or those new to the format to get started! By becoming involved in this freethought cultural movement you’ll be helping to promote the ideals of science and critical thinking to young people in Australia.

Apart from blogging, the website also offers forums, chat rooms, links and educational resources. Also worth a mention is the Young Australian Skeptics’ official podcast ‘The Pseudo Scientists‘ hosted by Alastair Tate, which has rocketed up the Australian iTunes charts following some awesome mainstream media exposure! The panel also includes non-other than your Secular Society President, Jason Ball!  Check it out via iTunes, RSS or on Facebook.

The world of pseudoscience, superstition and the paranormal has officially met its match down under. Be apart of it! Express your interest via the contact option on the website.


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