Welcome to 2009

Welcome to all our new members, and thank you to those who re-signed from 2008 . The club has grown exponentially since our humble beginnings in late 2007,  where we had a modest list of just under 40 members. We’re incredibly proud to announce that our current membership for 2009 has just hit 240!  For your curiosity, a break down of members according to courses studied will be posted on our website soon.

Last week, Bill Maher’s Religulous was screened to a packed house of over 80 people in the Widescreen Room. If anyone missed out, contact jason@umss.org if you’d like to borrow the DVD. 

During O-week we raised a total of $178 for the Australian Red Cross Bushfire Appeal. Congratulations to raffle winners Dylan Morgan, Simon Taylor, Carla Hodson and Yorran Pelekanaki. 

Unfortunately for some (but fortunately for UMSS) we completely sold out of our official T-shirts on the first day of Orientation! A new batch will be printed for semester 2, but will only be available  to those who request one prior to the end of this semester. So, in the coming weeks we will be giving UMSS members the chance to vote online for a new quote, and the opportunity to place an order in your preferred size. 

Oddly, during O-Week Secular Society President Jason Ball had a chat to Tim and Biggzy from the Hot 30 Countdown on FOX FM (I know, wtf?). Have a listen to what he had to say about the club by downloading this snippet from the broadcast, and check out these photos of our cupcakes that were posted on the FOX FM website!


Details for our semester one events are currently being finalised. In the meantime, check out our events page for a listing of external events and lectures of interest to freethinkers, happening in and around Melbourne this year.


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