About the University of Melbourne Secular Society

The University of Melbourne Secular Society is a club for those who value science, reason, and secular values. We provide a unique alternative to the many religious clubs on campus, aiming to encourage freedom from superstition, irrationalism, and dogma, and to further the acceptance and application of science, reason, and critical thinking. In addition to social activities like BBQs, pub nights and movie screenings, we also hold discussions, lectures and forums on issues surrounding science, religion, philosophy, secularism, humanism, and skepticism.

If you would like to keep informed about upcoming events, please subscribe to our mailing list and/or join our Facebook group. To join the club, show up to any event. For information about past events, check out our event archive. For other information, check out our FAQ or email us at unimelbsecular@gmail.com.

Club aims:

  1. To encourage, above all else, the separation of church and state, and freedom from superstition, irrationalism, and dogma.
  2. To further the acceptance and application of science, reason, and critical thinking on campus and in the wider community.
  3. To challenge misrepresentations and promote acceptance of non-religious lifestyles.
  4. To promote debate surrounding ideas of religion, science, philosophy, politics and ethics.
  5. To cultivate in ourselves — and others — a sense of responsibility to, and compassion for, humanity.
  6. To counter all forms of religious political extremism
  7. To defend individual freedoms and civil liberties for all persons, regardless of
 race, sex, gender, class, creed, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, and disability.
  8. To unite and to create a flourishing, welcoming community for freethinkers, skeptics, atheists, agnostics, humanists, and all others who hold these goals in common.